Probably The World's Most Useful MT4 Trading Aid
    Most of us have admired the way Expert Advisors automatically open trades and place the correct stop loss and take profit. Hesitation is a common problem when trading. We miss the opportunity and by the time we've clicked on 'New Order' and filled in the box, the price has moved and we are having second thoughts. Here's the solution from the developers of Rich Lazy Trader and other successful systems. This updated version eliminates previous problems of settings resetting when the time frame of the chart is changed and has the addition of a fully customisable trailing stop.

    TradeOpener is a manual EA that sits patiently on every chart (as many as you like) with the trade size, take profit and stop loss (and optional trailing stop) already filled in by you, according to the instrument and conditions. When the trade opportunity presents itself, simply click the green Buy or red Sell button top left of the chart as shown below and the trade is opened for you with all the correct parameters. Never miss a trade again or input the wrong size or stop. Works on any MetaTrader, any instrument and any broker.

   Linked to your account number only but having unlimited life, this will make your trading much more pleasant.

Trade Opener sitting on an H1 AUD/USD chart ready to instantly trade the correct Lot size, stop loss and take profit.

Installation Guide

When you receive the email, download the TradeOpener.ex4 file it to your desktop and right click - copy.
Open up your MetaTrader and click on File top left - Open data folder. Double click MQL4 and paste into Experts.
Restart MetaTrader.
Open up Navigator and double click the Expert folder to find Trade Opener - drag it onto the chart(s) and the Properties box will open as shown on the website.
Input your parameters, make sure the 'Allow live trading box is ticked in the Common tab and you are ready to go - obviously make sure Autotrading is on at the top of MT4.

    TradeOpener comes with an illustrated installation and use guide. It will work on any instrument and with any broker. Comes with a 7 day refund guarantee if it doesn't do exactly what is claimed.

     Simplify your trading, speed up placing orders and miss fewer trades all for just $29.97.

 Linked to your account number only.

Clients with the previous version email me for an upgrade for $15.00.


TradeOpener will be emailed ASAP.
$39.97 with 7 day refund guarantee.

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